Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by, I'm flattered.  I'd love to help you capture some memories through the lens of my Canon Rebel. Whether you desire a posed portrait session, or you just want me to follow you and your kids around the park, send me an email and let's work it out!
I've been snapping photographs for more than 10 years. Though I've dabbled in various genres of photography, I've found that people are my favorite subject matter to photograph. Humans are so dynamic and diverse, and I will have fun taking pictures with you in any capacity.  I adore natural light and lots of free, natural movement.  I am a photographer who believes that a photo shoot equates to more than just images you can hang on your wall.  It's an experience: I want to tell your story and capture your personality, lifestyle, passions, and individuality through photography. It is my goal to capture the real, unique you. I want this to be a fun and light-hearted experience that you will remember forever!
Besides portraiture, I also specialize in capturing humans and their pets, as well as trusted steeds and their riders.  Whether you need beauty shots of you and your horse, or you'd like live-action shots at your next show or rodeo, I'm your gal. I've had horses for nearly my entire life and so I especially appreciate capturing the teamwork between horse and handler.
fountain hills photographer, rachel benkowski